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Version 4.0.3 was released on October 19, 2018.

To access the V4 documentation, go here.


  • [CHK-387] - As a administrator, I want to reset the statuses of checklist items during a workflow transition so that I can completely reset the checklist

  • [CHK-388] - As a user, I want to search for specific checklist items that have no statuses yet so that I can find complete or incomplete items that don't have statuses assigned yet

  • [CHK-393] - As a developer, I want the CreateMeta REST endpoint to return default options so that creating a new issue is possible via REST

  • [CHK-405] - As a user, I want Checklist to transform text matching an Issue Key (PROJECT-10) into issue links so that I don't have to use hyperlinks

Bug fixes

  • [CHK-389] - Reordering items in the post workflow causes new items to be added

  • [CHK-396] - Items are in the wrong order when the checklist options are edited

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