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Version 4.2.0 was released on March 19, 2020.

To access the V4 documentation, go here.


  • [CHK-302] - As a user, I want to see the checklist in the Issue View when there are no values in it so that I don't have to click the Edit button

  • [CHK-434] - As a user, I want to be able to convert checklist items into issues

  • [CHK-437] - As an administrator, I want to hide the status bar above checklists so that I can remove it on checklists that do not need it

  • [CHK-456] - As a user, I want the checklists in the Agile Details view to follow the order in the Edit Issue screen so that the behavior is consistent everywhere

  • [CHK-467] - As an administrator, I want to validate that all items have statuses so that I can block transitions

Bug fixes

  • [CHK-458] - Checklist data is not saved properly when editing checklists in the configuration screen of Workflow Functions

  • [CHK-461] - The checklist export mechanism crashes on issues that have old checklist data

  • [CHK-464] - Checklists are still shown on Agile boards when hidden in Field Configuration

  • [CHK-468] - NullReferenceException in ChangeLogManager

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