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Version 5.0.4 was released on February 1, 2021.


  • CHK-884 Reduced the logging severity when parsing invalid Checklist values. Other third party plugins (ex: cPrime Power Scripts) could cause a large number of logs.

    • com.okapya.jira can be added to the Logging and Profiling page on the DEBUG level to get those logs back.

  • CHK-929 Removed the Edit menu item from Section Headers if the user doesn’t have access to edit.
    This is purely cosmetic. The menu item didn’t do anything when the user didn’t have rights.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-912 The Edit Roles dropdown in the checklist configuration is disabled when enabling the Edit Roles feature.

  • CHK-931 Status is not displayed and cannot be set.

  • CHK-945 Checklist crashes in Smart Issue Template Hierarchies when trying to use Section Headers.

  • CHK-946 Checklist validators ignore the resolutions filter if more than one resolution is set.

  • CHK-952 Converting to issue fails even if the target issue type’s mandatory fields have default values.

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