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Version 5.1.0 was released on April 28, 2021.

New features

CSV import/export through Jira’s base import and export processes

Checklists can now be imported using Jira’s CSV import process.

The import format follows Jira’s CSV import rules and requirements. For information about Jira’s CSV file requirements, see the Jira documentation. Each checklist item to import must follow our JSON format specified in Enhancing checklists using scripts.

Because the import is bound to Jira’s processes, there are some quirks when importing global items. For details, see Exporting/importing checklist CSV data .

Changes to the CSV export

Before v5.1.0, Checklist’s CSV export would split each item into three columns:

  • Checklist Item Name ([custom field name])

  • Checklist Item Completed ([custom field name])

  • Checklist Item Status ([custom field name])

Why the change?

The biggest reason is that the new export format is now compatible with how Jira imports CSV. Also, the new format is more flexible and allows you to add any metadata fields, such as the assignee and due date, and facilitates future improvements to the structure.

Checklist templates

Checklist templates can now be created for a single project or for a Checklist custom field context.

  • Templates can be used to define default local items.

    • Allows the project administrator to keep default local items up to date.

  • Templates can be used to define items to append or to replace existing items in Modify Checklists post functions.

    • Allows the project administrator to keep the post function’s items up to date.

    • At the time of writing these release notes, all templates can be used.

  • Templates can be imported into checklists inside issues.

  • Templates can be created from checklists inside issues based on a configured role.

  • The project administrator can configure templates for a single project.

  • The admin can configure shared templates.

Botron’s Configuration Manager for Jira is now compatible

Our app now integrates with Configuration Manager for Jira for easy migration of Checklist configurations and data.

Default local items can be configured using the free-form editor

As the title states.

Improvements to the cloud export

We’ve made improvements and bug fixes to the cloud export:

  • It is now possible to partially export a custom field's context by selecting a subset of its projects.

  • The name of the cloud definition was changed to be the custom field's name instead of the field context's name.

  • The description of the cloud definition is now filled, and contains the field context’s name.

  • Improved how contexts are being exported.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-941 Checklist item menus are not accessible if the checklist reaches the bottom of the screen.

  • CHK-1021 The order of items is not maintained in the Create Issue screen when creating multiple issues back to back using the Create another checkbox.

  • CHK-1076 Jira’s project import fails when it includes a checklist with a context that is issue-type specific.

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