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Version 7.0.4 was released on October 26, 2023.

Automation on checklists and items from Checklist triggers

Checklist Automation actions and conditions can now be run on items that matched the rule’s Checklist trigger.

This fixes an issue where a Jira technical limitation could duplicate an issue’s Checklist items when updating a Checklist field in an automation rule initiated by a Checklist Changed trigger with the Run items separately option enabled.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-1463 Customer Portal proxy fields do not show a validation error if left empty while the field is required.

  • CHK-1464 Cannot edit checklists in transition screens in some scenarios.

  • CHK-1465 Cannot change the month when selecting an item’s Due Date if the Smart Attachments app is installed.

  • CHK-1466 The Checklist Trigger fails when all items in the triggering checklist are removed.

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