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Adding new checklist items during a transition

You need administrator rights in Jira to perform the tasks on this page.

Using a post function, you can automatically add one or more items to your checklist after a workflow transition occurs. For example, you could configure the post function so that once the developers finish developing a feature and move the issue to the “To Review” state, the checklist items that the QA teams need are automatically added.

To set up the post function:

  1. Create a Modify Checklists post function (for details, see Setting up a Modify Checklists post function).

  2. While you are configuring the post function parameters, select the checklist(s) that you want to add new items to. If you want to add new items to all checklists, do not select any checklists.

  3. In the Operations section, for New Items, make sure that Append is selected. Add the checklist items and/or headers that you want to append.

  4. If you want to only add the item to your checklist if it is not already there, check Only append items that do not exist (for details about how the system determines whether an item already exists, see Setting up a Modify Checklists post function).

  5. In the Conditions section, apply conditional rules if you want your checklist item(s) to only be added when specific conditions are met (for details, see Setting up a Modify Checklists post function).

You should test the workflow transition to make sure that the new item(s) are added as expected.

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