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Downgrading from V5 to V4

The Checklist app has undergone some major enhancements in V5. Downgrading to a previous version may cause unexpected behavior that will need to be manually corrected.

To revert to V4, the supported downgrade path is to version 4.2.4.

Global items

In V5, global items were introduced to replace discretionary values and option configuration. As a result, rolling back from V5 to V4 has the following three side effects:

  • The default values will revert back to what you had when 4.2.4 was last installed.

  • The mandatory state (discretionary value) will be reverted back to the values you had when 4.2.4 was last installed.

  • The options will be reverted back to the values you had when 4.2.4 was last installed.


V5 allows you to add header items. When you roll back to V4, those header items will be converted back to normal items that can be checked.

Mandatory items

Items will keep their mandatory or optional state when they are transferred to V4. The asterisk will switch to being displayed at the end of mandatory items.

Bear in mind that in V5, when the Mandatory Items feature is disabled, all new items that are created are marked as “mandatory” in the background. As a result, all these items will appear as mandatory when you roll back.

Display mode

Since the Display Mode parameter was introduced in V5, the checklist will be reset to the default display in V4, which is equivalent to the Custom field option.

Checklist Read-Only Proxy

Several of the proxy types were introduced in V5, and will be reverted back to the default values in V4:

  • If the proxy type is set to Progress Bar, it will automatically be changed to Checklist.

  • If the proxy type is set to Banner and the Banner prefix value is set to Checkbox, the prefix will automatically be changed to None.

Workflow post functions

If the status action is set to any of the below values in V5, they will be converted the default status in V4, which is to do nothing.

Exporting checklist items

V4 included a feature that allowed you to export local items to text format, which could then be copied and pasted to create new items. This was replaced by the free-form editor in V5, which structures the items differently.

As a result, any item text that you may have saved in V5 cannot be used in V4. You will need to export the items again in V4 and save that text instead.

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