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Updating checklists using SIL scripts

This requires that both the Checklist for Jira SIL Connector and the SIL Engine for Power Suite apps already be installed in your Jira instance.

Using checklists in SIL scripts

Checklist fields can be accessed in SIL scripts using their ID, name, or alias. For more information, see the Anova documentation.

Manipulating checklist items

Because Checklist yields an array of JSON values when queried, you can install the Checklist for Jira SIL connector. The connector adds a new structure to the SIL scripts named oChecklistItem. The structure makes it easier to manipulate checklist items in SIL scripts without having to worry about the back-end JSON format.

See the oChecklistItem SIL structure table for a list of available fields.

Some values will be ignored until you activate the feature

All feature-related fields can be set, but will be ignored when the checklist is loaded in Jira until their related settings are enabled.

For instance, setting the priorityId field for all items will do nothing if the Priorities setting is disabled. Enabling the setting will show the priorities you set next time the checklist loads.

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