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Version 7.0.6 was released on January 16, 2024.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-1487 Added missing mapping information in the field configuration export.

  • CHK-1489 Removing and adding the same number of items in the same operation does not trigger the Add item and Remove item automation events.

  • CHK-1491 Clicking on an item’s linked issue key opens the item’s inline-editor.

  • CHK-1492 The “Assign to me” option for items does not work when creating or editing items in post-functions.

  • CHK-1493 Clicking on checklist UI elements can cause the screen to scroll unpredictably.

  • CHK-1496 Cannot create templates from checklists while creating an issue.

  • CHK-1502 Fixed an issue where some issue values could be missing from a field configuration export.

Breaking changes

The Checklist Configuration REST API’s structure was changed to contain a mapping of project ID to key and a mapping of issue type ID to name instead of a list of project and issue type IDs.

Please see the example below;

Before 7.0.6

// ...
  "projectIds": [
  "issueTypeIds": [
// ...

In 7.0.6

// ...
  "projects": {
    "1001": "OK",
    "1002": "TEST",
    "1003": "PRJ"
  "issueTypes": {
    "2001": "Task",
    "2002": "Story"
// ...
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