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Failing transitions unless all items have a status

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Using a Checklist Workflow Validator, you can prevent users from successfully transitioning an issue unless all items in a checklist have a status. If you prefer to manage your checklists using statuses, this can be an effective way to enforce that approach. An error message like the following will be displayed, and the attempted workflow transition will fail.

To set up the validator:

  1. Create a Checklist Workflow Validator (for details, see Setting up a Checklist Workflow Validator).

  2. While you are configuring the validator parameters, select the checklist(s) to validate when determining whether to fail the transition. If you want to validate all checklists, do not select any checklists.

  3. For Validation type, select All items must have a status. This tells the validator that it needs to confirm that all items have a status before allowing a transition to occur.

  4. For Validated items, select All items. This will prompt the validator to check all the checklist items, not just the global items.

If desired, you can further configure your validator with conditional rules and/or a resolution filter (for details, see Setting up a Checklist Workflow Validator).

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