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Viewing your incomplete items in a dashboard

The same way as you would with Jira’s Assigned to Me dashboard gadget, you can add a Checklists Assigned to Me gadget that will list all incomplete items assigned to you.

If you are not familiar with Jira dashboards, see the Atlassian Jira documentation.

Adding a Checklists Assigned to Me gadget

To add the Checklists Assigned to Me gadget:

  1. Access the dashboard in which you want to add the gadget.

  2. Open the Add a gadget dialog by clicking Add gadget on the top right of the dashboard.

  3. In the Checklists Assigned to Me row, click Add gadget.

Viewing a Checklists Assigned to Me gadget

The gadget displays the following information:

  1. The issue level of the structure

    • For each issue, you can see the issue type icon, issue key, summary, priority icon, and status. The issue key and summary are clickable and will open the issue’s detail page.

  2. The checklists

    • The checklist name is displayed. If the issue has more than one checklist, the next checklist will be listed after.

  3. The items

    • The items are displayed as they would be inside the issues and cannot be edited or completed in the gadget.

  4. The issue count and ranks

    • The total issue count is clickable and will open the issue Search page that lists all the results.

  5. The pagination, with the current page highlighted

Editing a Checklists Assigned to Me gadget

To edit the gadget, click the gadget’s three-dots menu at the top right of its panel and click Edit.

The gadget contains the following settings:



Issues per page

Indicates the number of issues to display on each page (between 1 and 50).

Other pages are available in the gadget’s footer.

Assignment filter

Defines whether the gadget filters the issues by the assignee of the issue, or the assignee of the checklist item.

For the Checklist item filter to work properly, the User Assignment feature must be enabled.

Include resolved

Indicates whether resolved issues should be included in the gadget’s results. This is particularly useful to see whether any items are pending in resolved issues.


Defines which checklists will be shown in the gadget. If no checklists are selected, all checklists will be shown.

Auto refresh

Indicates whether the gadget automatically refreshes every 15 minutes.

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