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User guide

The Checklist app can be a powerful way to manage your Jira issues and manage project progress. In addition to classic functionalities such as creating and checking items, a whole range of easy-to-use advanced features are on offer.

Want to assign due dates, priorities and users to checklist items to make sure the whole team is clear on the who, what, and when? No problem.

Want to be able to edit checklists directly in Agile boards? You got it.

For whatever else you hope to get out of a checklist, Checklist can probably do that too. The full range of functionalities is listed here:

Pssst… there’s a whole bunch more good stuff available that just has to be set up by an administrator. To find out what’s possible, check out What you can do with Checklist and the Administrator guide. If you see something you like, ask your administrator to configure it!

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