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Add checklist items when a monday item is created

If you find yourself creating the same checklist items over and over, you may want to automate that task. Two of the pre-existing recipes let you automatically add checklist items to every new monday item that gets created (see Integration).

Automations / Integrations are only available with the Pro plan of Checklist for monday.

To do this, follow these steps.

  1. On your desired board, select Integrate at top right. The integrations window opens.

  2. Go to the Board Integrations tab, then select + Add new integration at top right.

  3. Search for “Checklist for monday”, then select the Checklist for monday app.

  4. Add one of the following automation recipes to your board.

  5. In the checklist items field, enter the checklist items you want to add. If there's more than one, enter each checklist item on its own line.

  6. In the checklist data column field, select the desired Checklist Data column (the name may differ).

  7. If you chose the automation recipe that updates the progress column, in the checklist progress column field, select the desired Checklist Progress column (the name may differ).

  8. When you're finished, select Add to board at bottom right.

That’s it! Try creating a new monday item, and you’ll see your checklist items are added by default.

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