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Creating an event from Jira

Your Google account must be connected to Jira and the Google Calendar integration must be enabled.

You can create a new event directly in a Jira issue, which will automatically be linked.

To create a new event in a Jira issue:

  1. Click the + button on the right of the Google Calendar panel.

  1. In the window that appears, fill out the Create Event form. Some fields have default values, which can be edited:

    1. Calendar contains your Google user’s default calendar.

    2. Summary contains the issue key, followed by the issue’s summary.

    3. Description contains a link to the Jira issue.


Participants that you add will receive an email invitation.

You can specify the event’s time zone and location by clicking Show advanced fields.

  1. Click Create. The event will be created and automatically linked to your issue.


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