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Removing access to a Google account

Users may decide at any time to remove access to their Google account from the Connectors for Jira app. Here's how:

  1. Click your user icon in the top right corner and select Manage account. On the page that appears, click Connected Apps in the top ribbon.

  2. Under Apps with access to your accounts, find Connectors for Jira and click Remove access.


Clicking Remove access will remove all integration connections to Connectors for Jira.

Alternatively, you can click the caret on the right side of the box and click Revoke for a specific account.


Clicking Revoke will remove all access permissions for the selected account. If you revoke access for one service, other services using the same account will remain in the access list but in reality stop working, due to a limitation on Google’s part. You will have to click Revoke for all services using the same account.

Afterwards, you can reintegrate only the service you want to keep, and your previously linked content will reappear.

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