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Unlinking events

Your Google account must be connected to Jira and the Google Calendar integration must be enabled.

If you’ve linked the wrong event, or want to change which events are linked, you can unlink events from an issue.

To unlink an event:

  1. Open the event’s menu.

  1. Click Unlink.

  1. In the dialog that appears, click Unlink. The event will be unlinked from the Jira issue.

You can unlink events that were linked by other users.

Deleting a linked event

While unlinking an event, you can also check the box under Delete it from Google Calendar as well? in the dialog to delete the event. If you check the box, the Unlink button will be renamed to Delete.


Users will only be able to access calendar events that their Google account has the right permissions for. See the Google Calendar integration FAQ for more information.

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