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Version 5.2.1 was released on August 25, 2021.

Global app parameters

In 5.2.1, we’ve added the ability to configure some aspects of the app globally. This is just the start of a new level of flexibility for Checklist, with more features to come!

History Date Format

Since the due date field was released, the due date changelogs have been saved in the current user’s time zone and format and have not included time or time zone information.

With this app parameter, you can specify a custom format for the due date changelogs to best suit your needs.

Existing changelog values are unchanged.

The due date changelogs are now always in the server’s time zone to avoid date differences caused by different user time zones.

It is recommended that you update the value to your desired format after upgrading.

Allow Project Admins to Configure Fields

In 5.0.0, we moved global items away from Jira’s Options structure. As a side effect, project administrators lost the ability to edit global items (either through REST or other Marketplace apps).

This new feature will enable project administrators to configure their checklists using our REST APIs.

Custom Field and Context view

A new View Custom Field Contexts page was added to provide a quick and easy way to find the Checklist custom field and context IDs for your scripting and REST needs.


  • CHK-1148 Added the ability to delete all existing issue values when deleting a global item through the REST API and added the global item usage REST endpoint.

  • CHK-1150 Added new REST API endpoints to query custom field contexts.

  • CHK-1153 Fixed a rendering issue when editing a template if it failed to load.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-1125 Reporters cannot add checklist items in the Create Issue dialog when only the Reporter Can Edit feature gives the reporter editing rights.

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