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Action - Delete Checklist items

The Delete Checklist items action allows you to delete items from checklists.


The action’s fields are as follows:



SINCE V7.0.4

Data source

Indicates the checklist and items that will be affected by this action.

  • Issues: The selected checklist fields and each of their stored items.

  • Checklist Trigger: The checklist that triggered the automation rule and the items that matched the trigger.


The checklists whose items will be deleted.

Item filters

The list of filters to apply to the items obtained from the Checklists field. Use this when you want to delete only a subset of items.

Item filters

Use item filters to target a specific subset of items to delete.

If you don’t define a filter, all items in the selected checklist(s) will be deleted.

You can apply multiple filters to further narrow down a subset of items. All item filters are combined and applied at the same time to the items obtained from the issue.


Adding an Item Type filter for Global items and a Checked state filter that's enabled will result in deleting only items that are Global and checked.

The possible item filters are the same as those for the Edit Checklist items action. For more information, see Action - Edit Checklist items: Item filters.

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