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Viewing checklists

The Checklist app is very flexible and gives administrators the ability to display checklists in various ways. Depending on how Checklist has been set up for you, as well as where in Jira you are viewing a checklist, you may notice some display variations.

Where can I find checklists?

Since checklists are custom fields, they can appear anywhere that a Jira field can be displayed. Exactly where they are shown will be based on how your administrator has configured Checklist.

Here are some places where you can find a checklist:

  • Issue views (Issue Details, Edit Issue, Create Issue, etc.)

  • Agile boards

  • Issue search

  • Bulk issue update

Navigating the display modes in the issue details

When you are viewing checklists on the Issues page in Jira, they can be shown in several places. Administrators can choose from the following Display Mode settings, which cause checklists to appear in different locations and behave slightly differently:

  • Custom field: Behaves like any custom field in Jira, meaning that it must be clicked before it can be edited.

  • Independent panel: Can be edited directly.

  • Sidebar panel: Can be edited directly.

Using edit view

When checklists are displayed in edit view, you can edit the checklist directly. For more information, see Editing checklists in Jira issues.

Using read-only view

In some cases, checklists will be displayed in read-only view and cannot be edited. On certain pages, checklists are displayed slightly differently in this mode.

For example, the same checklist that was shown above can appear as follows in read-only view:

Expanding and collapsing checklists

This feature requires that the Show More Count setting be enabled.

Some checklists may be configured to only show a certain amount of items before a “show more” link appears, which has to be clicked to display the remaining items. Once it has been expanded, the link will read “show less”.

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