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FAQ - Google Drive

Welcome to the Google Drive integration FAQ page!

Looking for the general FAQ page? See here!

Where are my linked files and folders stored?

Your Google files remain in Google Drive. Connectors for Jira only stores a link between your files and folders and your Jira issues.

If I unlink a file or folder from a Jira issue, will it also delete it from Google Drive?

No. Unlinking a file or folder from your Jira issue will only remove the link created by the app. The Google Drive file or folder will remain untouched.

Can everybody see my linked files and folders in my issue?

Access to linked files and folders follows the permissions established in Google Drive. If your teammate can't see the file in their Drive, they won’t see it in the issue.

Why am I not able to download linked files or folders?

This can happen if you have multiple active Google sessions in your browser. Google Drive will select an account when you click a download link, and the chosen account may not have access to the linked files or folders.

Where is the integration's data stored?

Links are stored in issue properties. See the Stored Data section of our Security Statement page for more information.

What happens if I clone an issue?

Since Jira doesn't include issue properties when cloning issues, the clone will not have linked files or folders.

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