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Welcome to the Connectors for Jira FAQ page, your go-to resource for common questions and troubleshooting tips.

Is there a free version?

Yes! Connectors for Jira is currently free for everyone.

What integrations are available?

The currently available integrations are Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets.

Our goal is to continue adding new integrations over time. Let us know what integrations you’d like to see next!

What if I only want to use some of the available integrations?

With Connectors for Jira, you have the ability to only activate the integrations you want.

What makes Connectors for Jira secure?

Built with Atlassian Forge, our app is hosted in Jira and stores data within Jira, so your data never leaves Atlassian’s Cloud Ecosystem.

See our Security Statement for more information.

Looking for integration-specific FAQs?

See the following pages:

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