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Updating an exported spreadsheet

Your Google account must be connected to Jira and the Google Sheets integration must be enabled.

You can update an exported spreadsheet with new data. The update process runs the same JQL query and overwrites the old export values in the spreadsheet with the up-to-date search result.

The update process only overwrites cells that are part of the exported data columns. You can add data such as pivot tables or formulas in other sheets or columns.


To update an exported spreadsheet:

  1. Navigate to the Exported Sheets page. See Navigating to the Exported sheets page for more information.

  2. In the Actions column, click the 🗘 button for the spreadsheet you want to update.

  1. In the dialog that appears,, click Update.


To see past versions of the exported spreadsheet, you can view its revision history in Google Sheets.

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