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Version 7.0.0 was released on August 21, 2023.

Permission schemes

We’ve expanded Checklist’s permission system to allow more granular control of what actions can be performed by users. You are now able to tailor the Checklist’s workflow to each custom use case.

Centralized permission schemes let you design your permissions once and re-use them across multiple Checklist field configuration contexts.

Dynamic user identifiers (such as the Item assignee) now allow Checklist to be used as a sign-off field.

Permission rule conditions allow you to tailor a single permission scheme for multiple projects, issue types, issue status, etc.

To learn more about the new permission schemes, see our documentation page.

Migration from previous versions

All permission-related parameters in Checklist prior to v7.0.0 will be automatically migrated to permission schemes.

A permission scheme will be created for each configuration context that had permission limits configured through Edit Roles, Reporter Can Edit, or other similar parameters.

Support for Service Management Customer Portal

In v7.0.0, the new permission system is fully supported on Service Management’s Customer Portal. In previous versions, permissions weren't taken into account for checklists displayed on the Customer Portal.

After updating to v7.0.0, please validate that your Customer Portal users have the desired permissions.

Automation for Jira

We’ve added three new automation actions to help better manage checklists through automation:

We’ve also added new summary smart values, in automations triggered by the Checklist changed trigger.

Customer Portal Proxy Customization

You can now customize the look and feel of the Checklist Customer Portal Proxy the same way you would with a standard Checklist Proxy field.

This only applies when viewing the proxy on the Customer Portal, where it is read only (not when creating requests, where it is editable).

New features

  • CHK-689 Added the ability to assign a status automatically when an item is checked.

  • CHK-1156 Added the ability to globally configure the positional weight of Checklist fields when displayed in Panel display modes.

  • CHK-1362 Added the ability to collapse section headings whenever a checklist is loaded.


  • CHK-1387 The mandatory indicator for mandatory items is now red.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-1434 Fixed an issue where converting many items to issues could cause the items to multiply in the original issue.

⚠️ Breaking changes

  • The Checklist changed trigger’s checklist.items and checklist.items.count smart values now represent the list of all items in the checklist and their count. To use the items that matched the trigger and their count, the checklist.matched.items and checklist.matched.items.count variables have been added.

  • Permissions are now taken into account on the Customer Portal. After updating to v7.0.0, please validate that your Customer Portal users have the desired permissions.

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